For membership information, email

Members can join in on our Facebook page under groups...Gulf Coast Friends. That way you can keep up-to-date with our organization by visiting it regularly. If you are interested in joining Gulf Coast Friends, please email our First Vice President at the below email:



PRESIDENT: Sharon Combee - Presides over all GCF meetings

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: Margie Rivera - New member information and coordinator. Stands in for president if president is not available, prepares, prints and distributes the annual GCF directory.

SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: Pam Davey - In charge of Ways & Means, devising ways and means of financing the club's activities and charitable interests.

TREASURER: Julie Anderson - Contact to pay dues, receives fundraising funds and monies for luncheons, etc.

SECRETARY: Carolle Seaton - Contact to receive minutes of meetings for board and regular meetings.


“Sunshine Lady”: Donna Wright - Contact to report severe health issues or deaths of members or their immediate family members.

Meeting Coordinator: Shelly Vargas - Monthly Luncheon coordinator

Charity Information: Gail Seidler, coordinates the funds for charities.

Program Information: Board Members will coordinate the monthly programs for GCF

Publicity: Prissy Legendre - Contacts the media and does publicity for GCF

Newsletter Editor: Sue Perron- Contact to receive a newsletter, change email, addresses or phone numbers

Special Interest Group Coordinator: Julie Day - Coordinates and records the special interest groups. Sends out letters to our new members to inform them of our games and interests that they have indicated that they are interested in. Also in charge of helping and coordinating new games and activities for club members.

Facebook Page Coordinator: Carolyn North - Contact person for joining in on our "Gulf Coast Friends" Facebook page. Once you join our group, she will give you access to be included in the GCF page.

GCF Web Page: Pam Davey - Contact person for updating the web page: