Our Members Volunteer

Gulf Coast Friends is a charitable organization, who gives donations primarily to organizations throughout Santa Rosa County in Florida. Our members are quite charitable themselves, and volunteer their services to a number of causes throughout the community.

Some of the volunteer work of some of our members include:

  • Children in Crisis

  • Take Stock in Children

  • The Good Samaritan Clinic of Santa Rosa (office staff)

  • Interfaith Ministries volunteers in the thrift shop

  • United Way Officers

  • Church Volunteers for Hospitality, Funeral Receptions, Sunday school teachers, Comfort Meals and office positions.

  • Meals on Wheels

  • Volunteers at the polling stations on election days

  • Junior League

  • Scouting

  • Elks Club Volunteers

  • Hospice

  • Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Elementary School Volunteers

  • Fundraisers for Local Charities

  • Assisted Living Facility Volunteers

  • Pet Therapy for nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and family court

  • Hospital volunteers for the gift shop, receptionists and other jobs in hospitals

  • Guardian Ad Li tum - Haiti Relief Work

  • Red Cross Volunteer